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Northport Village Elected Officials

Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Schedule

Elected Officials

Damon McMullen, Mayor, Commissioner of Finance, Public Works & Highways
Jerry Maline: Trustee, Commissioner of Police, Technology, Parks, Personnel and Athletic Activities
Ian Milligan: Trustee, Commissioner of Docks & Waterways, Sanitation, & the Waste Water Treatment Plant
Thomas J. Kehoe: Trustee, Commissioner of Commerce
Mercy Smith: Trustee, Commissioner of Parks & Technology
Hon. Paul H. Senzer, Village Justice


Donna Koch, Village Clerk, 2000 - present. Appointed by four consecutive mayors at the favor of the respective boards of trustees. (631) 261-7502, x310

Stewart Besen, Village Attorney. Appointed by Mayor at the favor of the boards.
(516) 745-1800